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Hey, I wasn't able to write you directly, but wanted to ask what the licensing for this asset is?

once you buy it it's all yours (but please don't re-sell it with another colors or something like that ;)    ) 

Nice Art can you use art my game?


Sure ♥

Thank you so much for this, super useful for quick prototyping :)

Thanks to you for using it dude

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Hey, I got round to making a small commented project using your sprites, the link is here I also credited you on the page as well as a link to this project :) I hope this is okay?

Cool! thanks!


Hey cool work, just one minor thing, to make these sprites easier to use, you forgot to mention the spriteSheet title numbers, for anyone downloading this, you want to use 22 pixels across and 40 down across 4 images (in game maker though should work unity or else where)
Thank you for releasing these!


Ohh okay! thanks!


Not a problem, I've just made an 8 directional walk system using these sprite sheets, it works well, I had to reorder some sprites to get the walk animation looking right with game maker, I'm no artist, just a number crunching coder :)


I understand you i used to be a "programmer" now i only make pixel art haha