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We are launching our first mini game at the end of this month and bought this pack for it! Love the art work :D 

Ow, thanks! and that's great !!  go on keep creating! ♥

Hey I started making a game using this, could you link to the color palette you used?


Hi, what's the license on these sprites if bought?


So if I relase a game using these sprites, can I make money from it? (or can I release a game using it at all?)

I know how licensing works is a bit complex but it's very important

Yes, totally, a guy made some good games using my sprites and then he modified it a bit, take a look:

once you buy it you can modify it as you wish... you can sell your game without problem, i'm just a guy who make little art packs to help people with games so Good luck ♥.

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Thanks for the response! This clears things up very well.

I'm a bit confused by the games you linked, the sprites seem very different - are they part of a different sprite pack you made?

the guy who made those used my assets  and modified them a bit, i hope you like it and find it useful for your project, good luck ♥.