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This is a pack with some sprites of player classes or enemies & more

the .zip contains a PNG file with the characters ..or if you want to edit it also has a Photoshop file too or the aseprite files by separated in another folder,

In the pack you'll find player classes like: Warrior, Archer, Mage.
and some enemies like: Blob, Skeleton, Lich, Warlock and some effects for the game, mockup or whatever you'll use it and also some dungeon tilesets!

you can edit the characters, change clothes, colours, weapons.

Enjoy it <3


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Tags2D, micro, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Tileset


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Roguelike pack update.zip 96 kB


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Deleted 45 days ago

Gracias totales ♥

Super Art! You are such an inspiration!


Aww, is not that good, just simple and clean, thank you, go practice and you can be better  ♥ 

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Hello. I like your assets. Can you add the license to the metadata? I would like to know  how I can use it :)

Looking to potentially include it in the following project: https://searle.itch.io/numbers

Go ahead in any project, personal or commercial, if you want to give me a little credit with just the cat icon (momeG) that will be helpful, thanks for buying ♥

Thanks. And derivatives? I would probably need to modify your enemy sprites to include additional actions.

feel free to modify the sprites, once you buy this asset is yours ♥ thank you

Cheers! Wondering if you're still doing anything micro like this. I love your work! I'll make sure to update you when my game has a working release

Thanks dude! by personal reasons i'm not currently working but i have a "WIP" file with a bunch of micro characters with better walk animations, attacks, and more... just give me time :)

I'm uploading an update in just a minutes :) a more tilesets, characters & more ♥

In 3 or 4 days i'll be releasing a bigger pack with a lot of animations, effects & characters, keep in touch.


Hey man, i don't want to be that guy but are you still planing on updating the attack animations? I just bought the pack and it looks pretty badass, thanks for you work :

Thanks to you for buying the pack ! yes i'm working on it this days, and i have some personal stuff to do but i'll release it soon, keep in touch. -momeG

The new asset pack is out now: take a look. :D

I've posted a little prototype of the pixel art you created. HERE

aww! that's very cool man!, i use gms too :) good work!

I am loving these! Please make more. Going to buy these and the spell effects pack. Its giving me the idea for a game but please please make more :-D

Thanks! i'm working on a bigger asset pack with more effects, characters & more.

The new asset pack is out now, more animations on characters, spell effects, some weapons and more: take a look. :D

hey man, sweet stuff! Any update on the attack animations?

what is the resolution of the characters?

Thanks! I'll do an update with more animations and characters, the characters are 16x16 i think but the canvas i use is 22x22.

You wanted attack animations? so... Take a look. ;)

watermark it.

I really like this. Do you have anymore? like tile sets? More enemies?

Hey! thanks man! i'm working on it, i'll make another pack with more enemies, classes and also tilesets & objects :)

Great news! I'll be sure to buy them when they come out. I am thinking these might be used my new game. Great work.

Great! i'll update this pack with a bunch of new heroes & enemies and i'll add some floor and wall tilesets. Thanks man.

Awesome stuff! Things I think you should add: barrels, crates, doors, gates, outdoor tiles (grass and dirt), trees bushes, basically anything to fully flesh out a dungeon/crawler or rpg or rouge. I've been working on some attack animations and they don't look bad :) https://twitter.com/The_Superfluous

Hey man! thanks for purchasing the pack, i've saw the attack animations, they look great! i'll be working on this !

I'm updating it right now, in a minutes the pack will have tileset, objects, effects and more and more characters with a improved walk animation :)